How to Hunt Coyotes at Night without a Light

Hunting an animal is not an easy task; there are more things at stake than what you can expect. This is why we have mentioned that hunting is not an easy task. However, one of the most important things that a hunter should know and understand is the character and every detail of the animal he/she hunts.

It is always very important that you attain maximum information on hunting and then practice a few times and then engage. To do this, the first step is to talk to a hunter and gain all the information that you can get. Remember, no theoretical information can match the practical knowledge offered by an experienced hunter.

Before going into details of hunting, we will help you with some details of coyotes.

Coyotes and everything you need to know about the animal

  • Coyotes and animals like wolves, jackals, dogs, and foxes share some common traits.
  • They have narrow, elongated snouts, yellow eyes, thick fur, bushy tails, and lean body.
  • Coyotes have a size of medium-sized dogs and therefore, they are smaller than wolves and jackals. To be precise, they could have an average size of 32 to 37-inches and could weigh between 20 to 50-pounds.
  • If you want to find a coyote, then you should know that their common habitat includes plains, forests, mountains, and deserts. They can also survive in a tropical climate, over the past few years they are moving into the county side for ease of finding food and shelter.
  • The habits of a coyote can help you hunt them; most commonly, coyotes hunt in packs and each one in the pack take turns in pursuing the prey until they tire. Once the prey is tired, they drive the prey to a place where a hidden member of the pack would be waiting. A coyote sleeps during the day and wakes up for hunting at night.
  • A coyote communicate through noises; they commonly use only three distinct calls, a howl, a squeak, and a distress call.
  • Their diet is not limited to any one thing, a coyote is omnivores, and they eat both meat and vegetation. Typically, coyotes eat rabbits, fish, rodents, frogs, snakes, insects, and deer. However, they eat insects, grass, fruit, and snake only when they are not snacking on bigger prey.
  • When it comes to breeding, it commonly happens in February and March. Coyotes commonly give birth in 3 to 12 young at once. Both males and females participate in taking care of young ones. While males hunt, females, stay in the den and protect the small ones from predators.

Now you know almost most of the important things about coyotes, these information can help you set traps, scout, and hunt coyotes.

Things to know before hunting a coyote

  • Coyotes are a nocturnal animal and therefore, hunting them can be done only at night
  • To hunt coyotes, you should first acquire a hunting license from the appropriate local authorities
  • Hunting coyote is not something that can be done anywhere and anytime. Most of the states have laws restricting hunting to some space. Therefore, it is very important that you check with your local authorities, state, and make sure you are hunting in a permitted space and not in a restricted area.
  • Hunting a coyote is not an easy task as mentioned above. If you have read the “Coyotes and everything you need to know about the animal” you would understand it. The size and diet of the coyote make it difficult to track and hunt.

Things that you need to hunt a coyote without a light

  • A camouflage – animals like coyotes have better vision at night and they will be able to spot any animal and human. This is why you need camouflage to hunt a coyote. Camouflage will help your hide in plain sight and help you stay hidden while stalking coyotes.
  • A rifle with scope – not all rifles are best for hunting a coyote. Especially the ones that you use for deer hunting are not suitable for hunting coyotes. However, we recommend that use a small gun such as Glock 43, a shotgun, or a powerful rifle with a good scope. The scope on your rifle should be large and have high magnification. We would recommend that you go for a 50 mm objective lens and the rifle should have an illuminated reticle, which would help spot and stalk coyote at night.
  • Calls – as mentioned above in the “Coyotes and everything you need to know about the animal” section, coyotes use noise communication and they respond to appropriate calls. Today, there are devices available on the market that can make coyote like distinct calls. Purchase this device before going for a coyote hunt.
  • Gloves – while hunting for coyotes, wearing a glove is very important. A glove can prevent your sweat from messing with your rifle handling and protect your hands from a cold climate. A glove can prevent your hands from being spotted in the moonlight.
  • Trail camera – a trial camera that comes designed with sensors and night vision that can help you spot coyotes with ease at night. If you are not using a light while hunting then, a trail camera will be your extra eyes at the hunting space. So, consider purchasing one.

How to hunt coyotes at night without a light

The first thing that you should do before you go hunting is that you should purchase all the above-mentioned accessories. Apart from all these accessories, there are important things to do.

After purchasing all the accessories mentioned above, the first thing you should do is know the exact location where you are planning to hunt the coyotes. Based on experienced hunters, coyotes are commonly found in swampy areas, areas infested by varmints, bushy creek, rodents, and river-bottoms. At times, coyotes can be spotted near sheep ranches.

Once you have fixed the location for hunting, it is very important to consider the hunting conditions. Weather conditions have an impact on hunting; it is recommended that you neglect windy days as coyotes have a sharp sense of smell and if they get a small sniff of your smell, they will locate you and might run away or attack you. It is best to hunt for coyotes on cold and clam nights. Remember, your skill to be stealthy and hit the target is the only thing that can help you hunt coyotes.

If you are thorough with all the above-mentioned information, you are ready to hunt. The first thing to do is to pack all your stuff and set yourselves up in a perfect spot as pre-planned. The pre-planned spot should be selected based on the facts mentioned above and then use the calling device to play distress sound. While using the “Call” ensure that your start with 2-3 interrogation howls and if it does not get you any reply from the coyotes, use the cottontail distress instead. The calling sequence should be as mentioned, should start with 1-minute continuous, then 15-seconds gap, then play again for another 1-minute, again wait for 30-seconds, and then play for 1-minute and stop. Do this a few cycles until you spot a coyote coming in your direction. Once, the coyote comes in your direction, start lip squeaking to start a trail that leads the coyote to your direction. As the coyote starts moving towards you, reduce the volume, and eventually stop the device. Now, point the rifle and use the scope to track the coyote and shoot when it is in range.

While hunting a coyote it is very important you know once you use the “call” a coyote could come in your from anywhere. There are instances where a coyote came from the front and another came from behind the hunter. Therefore, it is very important that you stay very vigilant and expect a coyote in any direction.


It is very important that you know this article can only provide a small insight that can help you prepare for hunting. However, it is very important that you get some practical training before going out for serious hunting. You will make mistakes and these mistakes will help you develop better skills, therefore, practical knowledge is very important. One of the things that you should ensure is that, you should not take off for hunting without informing anyone and you should have some accessory that can help you in a distress.

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