10 Best Spotting Scopes For Better Hunting Experience

Best Spotting Scopes 2021 : If you are into hunting and spending your leisure time wandering around the dense forests trying to look for your prey, having the best spotting scope handy can help make the experience even better. But, with so many available options in the market, it might become a lot more confusing for you on what to choose and what not to.

Not just for hunting, spotting scopes are also amazing if you are hiking or bird watching. They provide a very clear view of the target, thus helping you analyze things better at the moment. When it comes to these available ones in the market, chances are that you will find that there are two different types, the straight and the angled one.

They also come in several sizes and weights, so you can pick one depending on your needs and requirements. You must be picky with the process, mainly because it reflects on how accurately you can level the targets.

The reviews of the best spotting scopes that we are going to share with you are going to provide you with an overall idea of the things around to let you pick the best available option in the market.

Best Spotting Scopes Reviews 2021

As we did say, there are several available spotting scopes in the market. If you do want to bag the best one, you must look into several factors and types of availability in the market.

Some of the best available spotting scopes include:

#1. Vortex Optics Razor Spotting Scope

When it comes to picking the best overall spotting scope for your expeditions, the Vortex Optics Razor Spotting Scope has to be the one in the front. This is a straight spotting scope imbibed with the latest features that makes your experience worth the while. It has also been designed with an ultra-sleek design with a precision that allows a better look and feel.

It is a triplet apochromatic lens that comes with low dispersion and high density to better get a better look at the target. It also provides a high-resolution image, further helping see things. The scope is also designed with the Xr plus anti-reflective coatings that further help provide the maximum brightness.

The addition of the helical dial further accentuates the resolution, providing sharp images. It also comes integrated with the multi-position eyecup for better comfort and less strain on the eyes. You can also use this without the glasses, for better comfort, if needed.

The scope also comes with a locking collar that allows it to rotate freely until you do achieve the best viewing angle from around. The sunshade in this also prevents extreme glare while you are trying to locate the target. The Razor HD in this has waterproof and fog proof features as well.

What we like?

  • Triplet apochromatic lens
  • Better resolution image
  • Xr plus anti-reflective coatings
  • Helical dial
  • Less strain on the eyes
  • Inbuilt sunshade

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#2. PrakticaHydan 20-60×60

Even with the slightly high price range, the PrakticaHydan 20-60×60 is one of the bestsellers when it comes to the spotting scopes available in the market. It can be zoomed up to 75x to provide you with some of the best images of the target without any regrets at all.

The scope has also been designed with a large 90mm objective lens that promotes better light transmission that produces crystal clear and much brighter images in comparison. It is also waterproof and fog proof, so you know for a fact that it won’t give up on you during the middle of the expedition.

It comes with complete multi-colored optics that allow the users to achieve high-quality images without any stain or confusion at all. It also provides high contrast images so you can distinguish the target from the rest of the surroundings, which again is amazing.

The scope has been designed to accompany you not just for the hunting expeditions but even helps with bird watching and hiking too. You can use this for star gazing as well. It is not as good as a telescope but it does a decent job of it. The exterior material of the scope is also sturdy and durable.

What we like?

  • 75x zoom
  • Large 90 mm objective lens
  • Provides with brighter and clear images
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Has a multicolored lens
  • Provides with high contrast images
  • Durable material

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#3. Celestron 52250

Yet another one of the best options for the spotting scopes that you can bag for your expeditions is the Celestron 52250. It has a very sleek and matte finish design which looks amazing. It has been designed with a large 100 mm objective lens paired with a good 45 degrees viewing angle, which makes the process a lot easier and comfortable.

Apart from the scope itself, the entire package includes all the accessory essentials that you would need along with this. It comes with a tripod, zoom eyepiece, T-adapter, carrying case, eyepiece lens, and even a soft carrying case, in case you need it. You also get the instruction manual with this that you can check out.

Even this one comes with multi-coated optics that assures to provide crystal clear images. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating on them that further improves the over colour and the contrast of the images for a better view of the target. It also does provide brighter and sharper images in comparison.

What we like?

  • Better spotting angles
  • Large 100 mm objective lens
  • Packages come with accessory items
  • Provides with crystal clear images
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Brighter and sharper images

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#4. Swarovski 80 mm STS HD Straight Spotting Scope

If you have been on the lookout for some budget-friendly and good quality spotting scope, the Swarovski 80 mm STS HD Straight Spotting Scope is one of the best available options. It comes designed with an 80 mm objective lens which provides a clear view of the target without any distortions.

You do need to buy a separate eyepiece for this but the quality and the price point that this comes for, does make it worth the investment. You also get to witness high contrast images and that too around the periphery of the spotting scope, making this an even better option for you to look into.

It also assured better colour fidelity in the low light settings, so you can carry it around during the evening expeditions that you set on. Make sure that you purchase a good quality eyepiece that fits right in with it to get a better clarity to the images that you are seeing.

The device is a high definition one, which provides crisp images without any issues at all. It is also quite reasonably priced, further making this a good option for you to check out. The rubber amouring around further keeps the scope protected against any kind of external shock and noise.

What we like?

  • Good quality 80 mm objective lens
  • Better colour fidelity
  • Crystal clear images even in low light settings
  • Better clarity and high definition images
  • Comes with rubber amouring for better grip and protection

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#5. GoskyPorro Prism

If you are specifically looking for a spotting scope for birdwatching, the GoskyPorro Prism is one of the best available options that you can take a look into. It comes with a multi-coated 80 mm objected lens that stays still on the target and provides crisp visuals without any form of distortions.

It comes with the accessory eyepiece and the prism inside that completes the entire viewing experience using this scope. It comes with the feature of variable magnification of up to 60x that further allows you to target your targets and get a better look at them from afar. It is thus best for birdwatching and wildlife watching.

The spotting scope is also made from a durable magnalium framework along with rubber armour that further assured better protection and longer durability even when you are using it in extreme conditions. It also has the shock-absorbing rubber armor that keeps it safe and protected.

The best thing about this is that it comes with a waterproof design that you can unfurl in any kind of weather condition without any issues at all. It also comes with the digiscoping adapter that allows you to use that feature as well while you are birdwatching.

What we like?

  • Multi-colored 80 mm objective lens
  • Up to 60x magnification
  • Durable magnalium framework
  • Rubber armour for protection
  • Waterproof design
  • Comes with a digiscoping adapter

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#6. Vanguard Endeavour 65A Spotting Scope

When it comes to good quality but a guilty pleasure spotting scope, the Vanguard Endeavour 65A Spotting Scope is one of the best options. The reason why it is considered a guilty pleasure is all because of the high price point it comes with.

It is under the mark of $1000 but even that can be a struggle for some. But, you pay for the features and functions and, likely, you wouldn’t regret buying this at all. It is an angled spotting scope, which is well manufactured to prevent unnecessary strain on your eyes.

The best and the most unique feature of this spotting scope is the fact that it comes with the ED glass that provides accurate colour rendition so you can distinguish your target from the surroundings. It also promotes a minimal amount of fringing that further provides you with an image of ultimate quality.

The phase-coated prism inside also renders bright coloured images and provides a good rendition of the imaging under the darker surroundings too. The product is also waterproof and fog proof, so you know for a fact that you can use it in any kind of weather condition as well. It also has a very solid built.

What we like?

  • Multi-colored lens
  • ED glass for better colour rendition
  • Phase coated prism
  • Strong built
  • Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Rubber armoured magnesium body

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#7. Bushnell Sentry 18-36×50

When it comes to the best pick for the spotting scope, the Bushnell Sentry 18-36×50 does need to make it to the list. The best thing about this scope is the fact that it comes with a tripod for better stability while you are trying to focus on your target.

The device also comes with the standard 50 mm objective lens which might not be the best you get in the market, but is a decent enough option for the beginners delving into this field. It provides a clear and bright image that you can rely on on through time.

It has been designed with the multi-colored lens for improved light transition as well, which again is a bonus. It is completely waterproof, so you can take it during any kind of weather conditions, which is pretty amazing. It isn’t fog proof which can be a downer in some cases.

The device has been designed with durable material and comes with the rubber armour that helps prevent shock and ensures maximum viewing experience without any complaints as such. The additional tripod in this provides further stability while you are locking in on your target.

What we like?

  • 50 mm objective lens
  • Clear and bright images
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-colored lens
  • Rubber armour and durable material

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#8. Minox MD 50 W

Yet another one of the budget-friendly and good quality spotting scope in the market is the Minox MD 50 W. The best thing about this specific scope is the fact that it is coated with M-lens that allows better light transmission without any issues as such.

The unique thing about this spotting scope is that it has a nitrogen-filled housing that provides a non-fogging clarity. The images from this have a high amount of clarity and brightness that you wouldn’t have to worry about. It is also quite easy to lock in on the target which again is an amazing option.

The device is also completely waterproof, so you can carry it around in any weather condition, which again is an amazing option. It is also lightweight, so you know for a fact that it is portable as well, without any issues.

The scope comes with an adjustable eyepiece that you can regulate as per your needs and viewing experience. It comes with up to 30x magnification which isn’t the best option but it isn’t the worst option, given the price you are paying. It also has a very compact design, making it a worthy purchase.

What we like?

  • Comes with 50 mm objective lens
  • The high-resolution objective for better clarity
  • Integrated with the MINOX multi-layer M coating
  • Waterproof
  • Angled scope for better results
  • Nitrogen-filled housing for improved light transmission

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#9. Upland Optics Perception HD 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope

Yet another amazing option in the list of the best available spotting scopes in the market has to be the Upland Optics Perception HD 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope. It provides over the top clarity of the images and visuals, further helping you get a clear view of the target.

It is also designed with the extra-low dispersion light glass that allows reduced light transmission without any complaints as such. It comes with a standard but well-performing 60 mm objective lens which is pretty amazing and clear with the results.

In terms of the magnification, it comes with up to 60x magnification. Apart from the spotting scope, you do get all the accessories needed for a wholesome expedition with the package itself, which again is a bonus.

Apart from everything, this spotting scope is also waterproof and fog proof that ensures maximum clarity and withstands in any type of weather conditions that you take it to. It also comes with a very durable body and a lifetime warranty, so you know that your investment won’t go to waste.

What we like?

  • 60 mm objective lens
  • ED light glass
  • Up to 60x magnification
  • Comes with accessory items
  • Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Durable body
  • Lifetime warranty

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#10. Zeiss Conquest Gavia 85

Last but not the least in the list is the Zeiss Conquest Gavia 85 which is possibly the most expensive one you will encounter. This is one of the most commonly used models by the professionals, so you need to plan your investments accordingly.

The best thing about this spotting scope is the fact that it comes with an enhanced broad wide view angle with a subjective view of 72 degrees which is quite amazing. The power zoom is three times and can be extended till 65x which is quite amazing.

Another thing in this that stands out is the fact that it comes with an elaborate optical design with the FL lenses and the razor-sharp image with the specially manufactured glass. It is also integrated with the fast and fine focusing drive for better viewing angles.

The additional LotuTec coating in this further assures better protection of the lens and provides with an equally amazing view of the images without any compromise as such. It can also be used in any kind of weather conditions, further making this an amazing option to look into.

What we like?

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Up to 65x magnification
  • FL lenses for razor-sharp images
  • LotuTec coating
  • Weatherproof

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Best Spotting Scopes 2021 : Buying Guide

When thinking of buying a spotting scope, you must keep certain factors in mind. It is not just the price point of the scope that matters. There are some other factors too.

Some of them include:


The spotting scopes come in two varieties, the straight and the angled ones. While buying one, you need to check which one you need for yourself. If you are looking for ones suited for hunting, the straight one is good. For bird watching, the angled option is a better one.

Magnification and lens

Another important factor in the spotting scope that is worth looking into is the lens power and the magnification in the product as well. You want something favourable and will provide a clear view of the surroundings, so you don’t necessarily struggle with situations around.

Use and purpose

One of the most important factors to assess and look into is the use and purpose of this spotting scope. If you are a dedicated long-range shooter, you want something with wider viewing angles. In addition to that, you will also want to look into the ones which have better magnification. This is the reason why you must assess your requirements first.


Lastly, the important factor that needs to be checked and cross-checked in the eyepiece. You can find a straight and even an angled view eyepiece, based on the spotting scope type. If you want easy addressing of the target, the straight eyepiece is a better option but in other cases, you can opt for the angled one. The lens in the eyepiece must be of good quality because otherwise, you would end up regretting the entire experience.

Final Words

We hope the reviews of these spotting scopes come in handy for you to pick the best one among them all. If you have been on the lookout for good quality spotting scopes, these are some of the best ones that you can check out. Make sure to assess all the features and functions and opt for the one that blends in well with your requirements. We have sorted out some of the most important ones, hoping that it helps you pick the best available one in the market.